Yes indeed, I do take commission requests!With a high demand for requests, it can be a challenge to make time for commissions. But it certainly never hurts to inquire! If you’re interested in inquiring about a commission, use the request form to get in touch. I’ll respond as soon as possible and let you know if I’m available and answer any other questions you may have. Keep in mind that submitting the request form alone does not guarantee a commission. There is no obligation until I accept your commission and we agree on the subject matter, price, payment and shipping terms.I reserve the right to limit or even suspend the request list if I become too busy. If I have a backlog, I’ll reopen the request list when I’m caught up. 

About Ace Thee Artist

Ace Thee Artist is a full-time professional artist who creates decorative wall art from soulful Jazz scenes, magnificent lions, crystalized resin abstracts, and afrocentric-inspired dreamscapes! Her art will surely inspire and create a unique and authentic addition to your beautiful home. 



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Seattle | Washington | United States

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