New collection kickoff!!!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Hello Kings and queens! Today is the day! debuting the, “Blackout Collection” by AceTheeArtist! Please Stay tuned all week!


I hope you all have been healthy and well! Life for myself since March has been a whirlwind! From Financial losses due to Covid, extremely slow shipping, dozens of my art getting destroyed, my children‘s school closing down & having my children with me 24/7, trying to maintain my business, learning jewelry design, and just trying to keep my head above water! I have definitely experienced spiritual warfare like never before! But What I know for certain, no matter the obstacles or circumstances, I am blessed to be alive and following the path that the Good Lord has designed for me! I know this year has been like a rollercoaster ride for all of us, just remember to persevere, stay consistent and keep your Faith in The Most High at all costs! He will provide a way, He always provides a way!!! amen!

Peace, love, & light.

I no longer have my old phone number, please stay in Contact with me via email 📧

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About Ace Thee Artist

Ace Thee Artist is a full-time professional artist who creates decorative wall art from soulful Jazz scenes, magnificent lions, crystalized resin abstracts, and afrocentric-inspired dreamscapes! Her art will surely inspire and create a unique and authentic addition to your beautiful home. 



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