Spiritual meeting ...

This piece I’ve been working on for 2 weeks. It constantly evolves every time I work on it... it has given me joy and pain at the same time, it’s a 48*60in, which makes it the largest painting I’ve done to date...I literally have had some of the best spiritual conversations with the holy spirit during this painting... one thing about me, I am not a morning person, I can’t even function 5,6,7 in the morning... but God has put it on my heart for the last two weeks to wake up approximately 5:22am every morning, roll out of bed, go down the stairs and outside in the freezing shed to work on this piece until I have to stop at 9 to go wake my girls up for school. Hopefully I’ll be done with this piece next week, and then it’ll be time to move on to the next! I’m grateful for this painting, I wake up excited , and full of life. God Bless!


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